About Us

full-line distributor of flat rolled steel productsLexWest Steel is a full-line distributor of flat rolled steel products. We purchase steel directly from the most technologically advanced domestic and international producers. We process our high quality steel to meet each customer’s specifications. Upon completion, we distribute the finished product on a just-in-time basis across the United States.

During the production process, our customer is provided with first-rate customer service that only LexCentral Steel can provide. Our expert knowledge of the steel producer’s capabilities coupled with our ability to assess each customer’s needs is key to achieving our goal, which is reducing the finished product costs. In many cases, we are called upon to participate in several phases of the manufacturing and sourcing process.

We Provide

  • Full Logistical Support
  • Material Sourcing Partnerships
  • Excellence and Reliability in Quality and Service
  • Inventory Control
  • Process Consulting

Our Approach
We seek to synchronize the strengths of our business ventures with the strengths and needs of our manufacturing and distribution partners.

Production Support
We operate out of distribution facilities in both Chicago and Los Angeles. We have the logistical system to reliably send material into production when and where it is needed. Our main objectives as a corporation are to provide customers with the following:

  • Consistent Quality
  • Timely Delivery
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Meeting Customer Specifications
  • Creating Strategic Partnerships

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